Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amazon Addiction

Hello, My name is Rachel and I have an Amazon addiction.

Ok, so I am a nursing mom...which MEANS I have ALOT of 10-15 minute intervals during the day to browse the internet, update facebook, etc while nursing my son. This has become a bit of a problem for my checkbook. Amazon has become one of my go to's while nursing which means about every 2-3 days I have a (surprise) new package waiting for me at my doorstep. I LOVE getting things in the mail so most of the time this is a good thing.

Here's a list of a few things I've purchased in the past 2 months. Cloth diapers, baby legs, a Zoku popsicle maker...which is AMAZING by the way- it can make popsicles in 7 minutes!!, a popsicle recipe book ICE POP JOY for said popsicle maker, a dehydrator, a mandelin to cut things up for my dehydrator, and wait for it...the most recent purchase...a 15 ft 48in deep above ground pool with a salt water filter for the backyard. Hmmmm just listing all of those items makes me want to jump back on Amazon to see what other goodies I can find.

I know, I have a problem but I keep thinking about all the fun my son (4 months old) and I are going to have using all of these treats when he's a little older. I think I'm going to take a little break from Amazon for a while and enjoy all of my recent purchases...especially the pool once it comes in and we can set it up.

If you're a nursing mom, what do you find yourself doing during your sessions?


  1. So funny to me because just this afternoon I was thinking about how Amazon has become one of my favorite things lately. Love Prime shipping. :)

  2. My husband had to beg me to get rid of the app on my phone because I have been buying like crazy as well. Mostly while I pump at the office. Since I've gone back to work I've bought trumpet baby socks, leg warmers, medela bottles & spare parts, a nap nanny, a jumperoo, at least 10 hanging toys & developmental toys, headbands & bows, baby food maker...It's so easy with Prime & one click buying! I keep telling myself its ok because it's all for the baby. That reasoning does NOT work with Daddy.